JACK HENRY- Clay Pomade - Brem’s Beard Company
JACK HENRY- Clay Pomade - Brem’s Beard Company

JACK HENRY- Clay Pomade


THE CLEANEST hair styling product in the industry!  Provides good and reliable hold with ingredients that are actually good for your hair and scalp.  One of our favorite overall products.




For supreme texture and unbelievable control. Our beeswax-bentonite based Clay Pomade provides an all-day effortless hold with a matte finish with zero grease and zero crunch. The bentonite clay gives extra texture and hold compared to our OG Pomade. It's light in essential oil fragrance and rinses out easily. Re-shapeable throughout the day and is humidity and sweat resistant. Works with all hair types. 

With only 4 clean ingredients, Jack Henry's CLAY POMADE not only provides style, texture, volume and control with an effortless look but also stimulates hair growth, fights off dandruff, is highly moisturizing for your hair and scalp, contains antioxidants, and removes buildup & dead skin cells. Your hair will feel light, soft and textured. There's nothing else like it.

A little goes a long way. This 2oz jar should last about 3 months.

Premium Organic Ingredients
Made in the USA