Historic Brands

Historic Brands Aftershave is made in small batches and aged in European Oak barrels. This is a large reason why we can only take on a very limited amount of stockists at a time.

We’ve put allot of love and care into these products and the performance. By making functionality our first concern, we’ve created an after care range that promotes the restorative process of the upper most dermal layer.

Tannins pulled from the oak act as a surprisingly effective astringent, extremely useful to treat and counter the distress caused to skin from shaving. As an added bonus, the aging process allows the properties of the charred oak to be transformed into aromatic compounds. It also balances the scents and alcohol; offering a pleasant aroma that resembles vanilla, spice, smoke and other subtle floral notes. .

This is NOT a Parfum or Cologne, don’t be confused by the difference. This is Craft Aftershave and the first North American barrel aged formula that uses traditionally coopered, European Oak, barrels and that contains a unique infusion of Potassium Alum.

Designed and distributed by Historic Brands with the wet shave loyalists in mind