Beard... To grow or not to grow

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Walk down any street in almost any city and chances are you will notice at least one man sporting the beard. Chances are if your reading this you have at least considered what you might look like with a furry face.  The question is where do you start? Let’s talk a little bit about some common beard questions and concerns.

Do I just stop shaving?

 Yes! It really is that simple. Depending on your age and genetics it’s hard to say what your beard will look like. If your in your late teens or early twenties you may find that your beard hasn’t fully came in yet. You may have areas that are thin or patchy. Worry not because this is common in many men.  Generally the first facial hair appears in the mustache area between the ages of 12-14, followed by the chin (goatee) area.  Over time the sides burns grow down and the sides connect with the goatee.

When and how should I trim it?

This question in itself could make for a long and detailed discussion. (we will talk in depth in a later post)  If you have not grown your beard for more than a month this will be a little different than your used to, but it will be ok! To start, it might be helpful to have a little inspiration as to how long you want to grow your beard and how you want it to look.  Our Pinterest page is full of stylish beard pictures you can check out.  Unless your going for a very short beard style you probably will not want to do any trimming other than the few stray hairs high on your cheek.  After 4-6 weeks you should start to get an idea how thick your beard will be and where you may have some patchy areas. At this point you may know where you want to have your cheek and neck line set at. A common new beard trimming  mistake is cutting the bottom neck line right under chin. 



I was told from a beard growing competition winner that the general rule for neck line is a quarter to half inch above point of the Adams Apple. If your pretty comfortable with a trimmer, take your time and give it a go.  Remember that when it comes to beard trimming, less is more. What may be a stray or fly-away hair today may be laying flat tomorrow.  If your not comfortable trimming your own beard that is okay too.  Most barbers are very capable of trimming your beard and also at giving some input as to what looks will best suit your face.  


Will it itch?

Some people say they feel no pain when getting a tattoo.  Saying that your first beard will not be a little itchy at times would be a similar statement.  For almost everyone, at some point you may find it a little itchy or maybe even down right bothersome.  From my personal experience, after I reached the 2 month mark I was past the itchy stage.  Even at night it was no longer a bother.  To help endure the “itchy” stage there are many products on the market today that can help.  We will get more specific into grooming practices and techniques in a later post but in short, a beard oil and beard wash will help you immensely.  We really like the Scotch Porter line of beard products. They have a mild yet pleasant scent profile, and also free of harsh chemicals. In simple terms, beard oils help to soften the hair and also help the underlying skin not get as dry thus leaving your face less irritated.  


 - Jason Bremer



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